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  • New Microblading Brow Clients: $600 – works best on younger clients who have tight skin, smaller pores, dryer skin and clients who do not bleed easily. Please note: Clients who have thyroid or autoimmune disease or who have had cancer with or without chemo and radiation are not candidates for microblading. This technique includes “one” complimentary 6 week touch up.
  • Powder Brows – $650 – good for oily skin, those with little to no brow hair and clients who bleed easily. This ombre’ look is light, powdery, airy and soft with a very beautiful natural appearance – (includes “one” complimentary 6 week touch up)
  • Combo Brows – $675 – includes both ombre’ powder brows & microbladed fronts – gives the beautiful look of a soft powdery brow along with the fluffy, hair like strokes in the front of brows (client favorite) – (includes “one” complimentary 6 week touch up)
  • Additional Brow Touch Up – Up to 6 months – $150
  • Additional Brow Touch Up – 6-12 months – $250
  • Additional Brow Touch Up – 12-24 months – $300
  • Shading – $75 additional per appointment (including touch ups)

**Please note that additional/yearly/seasonal touch ups are for ONE SESSION ONLY. These touch ups are for clients choosing to keep their brows fresh, crisp and regularly maintained. It may also be for clients who decide they want to go darker, thicker or bolder. If you choose to have an additional “touch up” session in addition to your yearly/seasonal touch up session, you will be expected to pay for it. Pricing is listed above.

**Please note if you are a previous client and changing from Microblading to Powder Brows you may need more than one appointment for your touch up. Each additional appointment is an additional cost of $100.

  • Lip Blush – $500 – soft, very light and natural, youthful lip color “enhancement(includes “one” complimentary touch up)
  • Lip Blush Touch Up – within 18 months $200
  • Lip Color Pop – $550 – more saturated color than lip blush – (includes “one” complimentary touch up)
  • Lip Color Pop Touch Up – within 18 months $200

Eyeliner – Full: $600 – Top Only: $450 – Lower Only: $450 – (includes “one” complimentary 6 week touch up)

Lash Enhancement Eyeliner: $500- A CLIENT FAVORITE!! Gives the look of fuller, thicker lashes, making your gorgeous eyes POP! Ink is placed within the lash line (tops only) and above for the most natural look! – (includes “one” complimentary 6 week touch up)

Tattoo Removal – $150 PER SESSION – A gentle Saline Removal which may take more than one session to complete the removal – there are 6 weeks of healing between sessions and it is a safe, effective way to remove tattoos. If the area is already extremely light and mostly faded, it may only take 1-2 sessions. It is especially helpful for changing brow shapes, or removal of problem areas, or older designer tattoos that you long to have removed, such as people’s names, pictures, etc. The site should be no larger than a playing card.

Previous Work Done by an Artist other than Brow Innovation:

  • Please note that I may be removing another artist’s ink, therefore will typically have no idea what type of ink it is. Some ink is more difficult to remove without several sessions. Also, because different artists have various skill levels and experience, they may have placed your original ink too deep causing the tattoo to become permanent instead of semi permanent. This will cause the removal to take longer, and some areas may not remove at all. It may also require several sessions to achieve the desired fading or complete removal needed.

**Please note if you are a client who is scheduling for brow repair/color enhancement/removal/reshaping from work done by a previous artist (other than myself), you may need additional sessions to achieve the desired, optimal result. There will be costs involved with each removal and additional touch ups.

Lash Lifts and Tint are the bomb! Why hassle with mascara and curling lashes when you can go without? Enjoy the relaxation of a peaceful lash appointment and take a nap while enhancing those lashes!! You deserve it!

Lash Lift & Tint: $80.00

Lash Lift only: $60.00

Lash Tint only: $30.00

**lash lift/tint completed by licensed cosmetologist

Brow Tint is a must if you have hair color variation throughout your brows or if you feel your brows need an extra boost of color. Why spend time penciling in color? None of us have time for that! Spend a few calm moments with us as we tint those beautiful brows!

Brow Tint: $30.00

**brow tint completed by licensed cosmetologist

Makeup Consultation, Application and Training – Helping women look and feel their absolute best is always a goal of mine and after years of researching makeup to “enhance” a woman’s natural beauty I finally found what I feel to be the best!

I have asked for years what makeup brands help with aging skin. After all…we all have aging skin! No one was able to give me an answer. Time and time again I found myself disappointed with what I hoped would moisten my skin, help it look refreshed, healthy, soft and glowing and NOT feel and look dry or settle in fine lines and wrinkles. Nothing worked!!

In August, 2021 I started using IIID Makeup and haven’t looked back! I threw away all my old stuff that I paid $1000’s of dollars for over the years and now only use IIID makeup. Honestly, I’m a little obsessed!

Contact me for more information and I’ll share all the wonderful news with you too!