Choose Wisely!

As a woman, RN and small business owner, making the right decision on eyebrows, eyeliner and lip blush that will stay on my face for up to two years or longer is a big one! Doing research ahead of time to feel comfortable in this decision is imperative to me and to my clients. Price is a major consideration for most clients and for those of you who have already started this search, you are aware of the great variances in pricing ranging from $200.00 to $750.00 or higher in Ohio and surrounding states for a semi-permanent makeup procedure. I understand cost is a consideration, however if you truly want the safest and best results, price should not be your FIRST or ONLY consideration. Instead, experience, quality of work and professionalism must be the top factors in your decision AND should always outweigh price. Finding a “sale” or “cheaper deal” for semi-permanent makeup is likely to get you unsightly results that you will NOT be happy with. Semi-permanent makeup is an expensive service that takes loads of education, continuing study and upgrading of skills. If your artist does not have experience and hasn’t put in the time and effort to learn how to work with different skin types, design, mixtures of inks and healing of the newly placed eyebrows, eyeliner and/or lip blush…BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS!! If your decision to get semi-permanent makeup is based solely on the CHEAPEST PRICE, I guarantee you will regret this decision. New, inexperienced artists are popping up every day and they must put in time and effort to get good results. I support new artists 100% and have trained and educated many. However, one of the main points I emphasize to new artists is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE by working A LOT on fake skin before ever touching human skin with a microblade or tattoo machine. A large majority of my clients are those who are in need of repair work because they chose an inexperienced artist who was “cheap” and their results were undesirable. I’ve repaired unsightly thick, unnatural looking caterpillar brows in orange, purple, red, green and gray. I’ve repaired high, pointy arches that looked like Dr. Spock on Star Trek and free-handed brows that didn’t match in shape, size and thickness. Although I am always up for the challenge and enjoy helping women get the beautiful eyebrows, eyeliner and lip blush they desire, the process of repair is an emotional, embarrassing and time consuming experience for women. Choose wisely!

Take time to research the person doing the permanent makeup, as well as their knowledge. You may be surprised to know that anyone can actually become a permanent makeup artist, so there are some important considerations to think about. What is the person’s background? What is the location of the studio and what does it look like? Is it clean, sterile and in a comfortable, safe setting? Does the permanent makeup artist have a Microblading, Eyeliner, Lipblush and Semi-Permanent Makeup Certification by a reputable training company? Did they complete the State requirements for Blood Borne Pathogen training and testing related to Tattoo Artists? Are they licensed by the local Health Department? Does the artist have a lot of pictures of their work posted on their website, Instagram and Facebook pages? What are their Google Reviews specific to semi-permanent makeup results? These are legitimate questions and important guidelines to help you make the safest decision. Do not be caught off guard by paying someone to touch your beautiful face if the person has not been appropriately and professionally trained and have all the required licensure and certifications and needed experience.

In Ohio, it is a requirement that all permanent makeup artists receive certification from a local Health Department and their place of business must meet all State and Local Requirements. In my area, there is also an additional requirement for several hours of internship before they are licensed. This is a great idea and helps the new artist get more comfortable with skin variances, healing and their confidence is likely to be more positive. From the beginning of this plan, I immediately contacted the local Board of Health to understand all of their requirements and regulations and worked diligently with them to ensure I met every detail to become certified as a professional permanent makeup artist (varies from state to state and county to county). Brow Innovation studio is approved and licensed by the Delaware County Board of Health and Brow Innovation and myself as a Microblading Artist & Designer are insured. Please remember, these regulations and requirements are in place to keep you, the consumer safe!

Also, you want to consider what instruments and supplies the semi-permanent makeup artist uses. There is a huge difference in quality of products. For instance, the microblades I use are 100% stainless steel (those with nickel allergies need to know this), pre-sterilized and one-use ONLY!! Also, color and mixtures of pigments are extremely important. Different skin textures and tones respond differently to inks. What looks beautiful on one client may look horrible on another because of their skin type and tone. I use pre-blended pigments, so the color from the beginning is rich and authentic providing the most realistic, natural color. At this point in my career I am also custom blending my inks specific to the wants of my clients.  I have researched and priced microblades and pigment and both of these are areas I absolutely will not try to save cost on and YOU SHOULD NOT EITHER! There are some wonderful, quality products to use, however as owner and sole artist at Brow Innovation, I useTina Davies microblades, Kwadron cartridges and Tina Davies, Perma Blend and Scalpa pigment.

Remember to talk with your friends, co-workers and family as they may have first hand experience and/or knowledge of certain Semi-Permanent Makeup Artists. Take advantage of a quick visit to the Permanent Makeup Studio you are considering and get a feel for the surroundings and cleanliness. Meet the Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist and ask questions! Be sure to investigate websites, Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets! Keep in mind that most will post pictures of their work. This will give you some idea as to their experience and quality of their talent. Then, comfortably and confidently make an informed decision as to who you want to create your new look!

Thank you for visiting Brow Innovation! If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at or text/call (937) 477-2451.